MORE exclusive®, the latest new design brand by Fermar International bv,

‘Dutch Design Development', with over 25 years of experience in the International

Interior and Furniture business.

Years of intense collaboration have been spent on design and development,

now we are proud to launch the next innovative product line.

Our More furniture handles and knobs are made from the best solid aluminium

materials, expertly produced with the highets precision by CNC machining forms

and will be available to the more discerning interior designers, architects and producers

of interiors, kitchens and bathrooms.

With an eye for timeless character and stylish functionality we offer a collection of

elegant geometrically designed hardware.


More exclusive products are available at the professional hardware dealers as well as

our sales network of distributors working the International furniture and interior markets.


For showroom dealers we are able to supply “glossy white” showroom sample boards

which compliment the sales of our collection with visual and tactile possibilities.


Together with the immediate stock availability from the Netherlands we are proud

to serve you at More exclusive®.